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Shipping & returns

William Vintage ships all items with a full declaration of the total purchase price, with supporting paperwork and with insurance. If you are ordering from outside the EU, you may have to pay import duties and taxes upon your order depending on your national customs authority. You will be notified by DHL in advance of final delivery if duties and taxes are due and how they can be paid.

Shipping to USA

Please be aware that US Customs may ask you for your IRS, EIN or SSN number before enabling delivery to your address. You will have one week to provide this information.

Shipping to Russia

Please note that delivery to Russia can take from 7 to 10 days.

  • Your order will not be taxed unless your monthly import allowance exceeds the 1000 euro price point, and/or weight limit of 31 kg. For example, if on the 2nd December you have received a delivery totalling 600 euros, and on the 28th December a delivery totalling 300 euros, then sum of your import duties, 900 euros, is less than permitted allowance so no tax needs to be paid. However, should you exceed this allowance, a 30% tax on the exceeding amount would be due. 
  • For the registration and correct handling procedures, you will be required to submit a copy of your passport and any additional paperwork that Customs may ask for.
  • Customs handling fees are not due on orders worth less than 200 euros. If your order is worth more than 200 euros but less than 1000 euros, you will have to pay a fee of 800 rubles + 144 rubles VAT per package. 

If your delivery is worth more than 1000 euros, you will be charged 2100 rubles + 378 rubles VAT for parcels containing up to five items.
  • From the 6th item onward you will be charged an additional 500 rubles + 90 rubles VAT for each additional 5 items in the parcel. 

  • Storage of the parcels is free for the first three days. Starting from the 4th day you will be charged 6 rubles + 1,08 rubles VAT per kg per day (minimum charge is 600 rubles + 108 rubles VAT).